• Junketsu+Kareshi

    Mangaka: Shouoto Aya
    Genre: Shoujo, Supernatural, Romance, Drama
    Volume Status:1 (ongoing)

    Summary: “From now on, I will break you…” This bewitching, heartrending, most wicked boyfriend appeared in front of Kanami!? A dangerous and sweet new serialisation starts!
    Takachiho Kanami who attends a distinguished private school is bright, well-behaved and extremely soft-hearted no matter what the time. She’s neat, and doesn’t seem to have any problems, but she carries a darkness within her heart. On the night of the full moon, the world around her starts to grow loud.
    The meeting that changes Kanami’s fate is already drawing close.

    Volume 1:
    Chapter 1: Ordering
    Chapter 2: Ordering
    Chapter 3: Ordering
    Chapter 4: Ordering
    Chapter 5: Ordering