• Sick and apologies

    Date: 2010.09.25 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags: ,

    Sorry for the long wait everyone, due to school starting for most of the staff and some going MIA, we’ve been slower than usual ^^; but here’s a release I managed to scratch up (not literally!) and hope you all enjoy it 😀 there should be another soon but won’t make promises. I know I promised that I would release this morning…and it’s evening so I apologize for that D: afraid I had to go to the doctor’s due to a head-cold I have but anyways enjoy this release!

    Asura Chapter 1: Waking up to hot demons in bed doesn’t seem that bad, till going on a visit to Nachi’s modeling workplace proves to be the opposite of fun. Upon meeting her #1 idol Haruka is faced with a ghost! Will Nachi save her or will she become like the rest of the victims?

    Head to the forum to download the release. Be sure to check out the recruitment section we’re always in need of more staff to help us get more releases done~!