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    It’s days like this where I wonder where summer went…and if it can return :'( oh well. Luckily thanks to having no school on friday due to a storm (which was to happen at night haha) I got a four-day weekend! ^o^ And so during those four days we’ve managed to qc two chapters that i have for you today~ Also a big welcome to our newest addition to the staff whom cleaned one of our releases, Rinne~! So as always enjoy~

    Text-Weaver’s Book of Summons Chapter 2: After getting all settled in with her new familiar, Saaya goes to the clan leader requesting to let Komachi attend her school…without another word they both must take a test to gain his approval! Will Komachi be willing to help out Saaya or will they both fail?

    Gakuen God! Chapter 3: Upon hearing that Shou may be able to lift Ren’s curse, Ren begins to wonder if she truly does want to set Jin free from his own curse. Just when he asks Ren for his present a man in a hot air balloon appears! Who is this man that claims to be Ren’s older half-brother!?

    Head to the forum to download the release. Be sure to check out the recruitment section we’re always in need of more staff to help us get more releases done~!