• A post of thanks and gifts

    Date: 2010.08.22 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags: ,,

    Well hello again~! First off I’d like to say to everyone thanks so much for applying to be cleaners and editors 😀 it’s greatly appreciated and we’re in need of some still I’m afraid including a few Japanese Translators plus a Chinese Translator for Xue Lian (which is being done now~!) also thanks to the donations we have received! Any-who thanks to our new QC’er Lynnea and new scanner (not really new haha) Marxie I present to you the beginning chapters to our two new projects. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them as much as we have, though I must say Ayahatori Shoukanjou (Text-weaver’s book of summons) would be my #1 favorite manga at the moment so I hope you all love it~!!

    Text-Weaver’s Book of Summons Ch.1: Ayahatori-that is the given name of the family possessing a mysterious power. They have the power to be able to summon and use beings and people from secret ancient writings. During the Ayahatori initiation ceremony, high schooler Kozakura Saaya summons one of the three most beautiful women in the world, Ono no Komachi. However, what appears in front of her is a man with matchless beauty-!?

    GDGD-Dogs Ch.1: “God” vs. The beautiful, lazy boy’s ‘Good-good’ everyday existence?
    Tezuka Kanna is a student as well as a professional mangaka. Wanting to bid goodbye to living an inconspicuous life, these guys came along!!

    Head to the forum to download the release. Be sure to check out the recruitment section we’re always in need of more staff to help us get more releases done~!